终版 / Final

角色 / Characters

幕后故事 / Behind the Scene

设定 Design

主题英文名:Spark, Fighter, Underground Mining
标题英文名:Mine Adventure in the Minecraft

角色 Characters

  • 基阿:树袋熊
  • 西昂:北极熊
  • 罗明:金毛犬

细节 Details

  • 背景使用我的世界的地下要塞

    • I use stronghold in Minecraft as the background.
  • 背景使用 Cinema4D 进行渲染

    • I use Cinema 4D to rendering background.
  • 基阿在前面,西昂在基阿的左手后,罗明在西昂的左手后

    • GRtheGreat is in the front. LordSeaon stands behind left hand of GRtheGreat. Romin is behind LordSeaon's left hand.
  • 西昂双手握着石镐,摆放在右侧肩前,一脸震惊

    • LordSeaon holds the stone pickaxe in front of the right shoulder with both hands, "Shocked face".
  • 基阿双手握着石剑,一副决斗到底的姿势,认真的表情

    • GRtheGreat holds the stone sword with both hands, attack pose, "Serious face".
  • 罗明左手握着火把,右手捂住肚子,难受写在脸上

    • Romin hold the torch with left hand, covering belly with right hand, "Uncomfortable face".
  • 他们的头上显示着他们的生命值和游戏名

    • Their remaining HP and nickname are displayed above their heads.
  • 他们都出汗且流血,服装也有破损的迹象和沾上了血迹

    • They sweat and bleed, and the clothes are ragged and blood-stained.
  • 西昂的生命值剩余5点

    • LordSeaon's HP remains 5 points.
  • 基阿的生命值剩余4点

    • GRtheGreat's HP remains 4 points.
  • 罗明的生命值剩余3点

    • Romin's HP remains 3 points.
  • 主题名灵感来自于《明日方舟》源石尘行动

    • The Arknights event "Operation Originium Dust" is the inspiration for the title of this work.

幕后 Behind the Scene

该作品是我目前所制作的最认真的一幅画了,也是我第一次画多人的、自己设计背景的、且将2D和3D混合到一起的作品。当然,说起 Minecraft,我要在此感谢艺术家 Joseph 提供的灵感,因为早在很久之前,我就设想过如何将《我的世界》和兽人绘画作品结合到一起,是他给了我灵感!
在最后,我还要感谢二甲庚烯老师和基阿老师提供的绘画方面的修改意见,如果没有这两位的意见参考,画出来的作品根本没法过目!同时还要感谢白辰哥哥提供的场景参考图、icrdr前辈的Cinema4D建模模型以及Thomas Angeland制作的材质包R3D CRAFT。

This is the most carefully made work I have ever created, and it is also the first work with multiple characters, self designed background, and mixture of 2D and 3D. Meanwhile, speaking of Minecraft, I would like to thank artist Joseph for his inspiration, since I have been imagining how to combine Minecraft and Furry artwork for a long time. In other words, it is he who inspires me.
Moreover, I would like to thank 基阿 for his two cute, kind and brave characters, GRtheGreat and LordSeaon. I am very grateful that I am allowed paint them in the work.
With regard to the creation idea of the work, I think it is the dramatic effect of three characters who enter the mine for the first time. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed, which may be the best portrayal of the incident.
Finally, I would like to thank 二甲庚烯 and 基阿 for their precious advice on painting modifications, without which the work will be horrible. At the mean time, I would like to thank Ted for providing reference scene and translation of partial content, the Cinema4D model by Icrdr and Texture Pack R3D CRAFT by Thomas Angeland.

解锁成就 Unlock achievements

  • 第一次画混合背景的作品

    • Drawing mixed background work for the first time
  • 第一次画多人同场的作品

    • Drawing multiple characters in the same scene for the first time

剧情 Plot


They were in the mine for the first time, but they did not have enough materials to make armors. So, they made some torch, an unsharp stone sword and stone pickaxe. Yes, they could ONLY do this.
Quickly, they decided on their missions.
GRtheGreat has more attack experience than others, so he used sword to fight monsters and looked around. He needed to keep all members safe.
LordSeaon has the largest body and strength, so he is responsible to go mining with a pickaxe and blaze new roads.
And Romin needed to use torch to light up the road ahead, make new tools, and smelt minerals... He is the "know-it-all" man in the team.
It looks like everything is ready! They looked at the materials in the backpack, it's time to go.
The weird wind in the dark mine made them feel terrified.
"We don't need to panic."
In fact, when they are in the mine, they did not meet any monsters, and it looked like the monsters disappeared in this world.
Create new road, mine, smelt and make new tools... Loop like this.
But this mine was too big! They almost lost for several times.
At a bifurcation, they chose the road on the right according to the right-hand rule.
But, this road would only lead them into the stronghold.


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